Our telematics app contains the following screens

  • Feed - displays a list of events including trips, messages, notifications. you also can share your trips and see your friend's trips.

  • Selecting a particular trip displays a map view of the trip and summarizes important events and score for that trip. Only the most significant events from a drive are shown on the map. The map also shows speeding above speed limits and distracted phone usage while driving

  • Swipe up the bottom sheet view to get a details trip analysis

  • The app also classifies your trip as "Driver" or "Not driving" (passenger or another mode of transport). If the automatic classification is incorrect, you can change it by selecting the icon located next to the mode classified by the app. By keeping your transport modes accurate, the app learns your driving habits and classifies future trips more accurately. 

  • Dashboard - To start driving analysis, please press a button "Test Drive". In 300km your driving behaviour analysis will be ready.  The top of the dashboard shows your overall score computed over the last two weeks of driving. Swipe the chart in order to get analysis by factors. A chart below shows daily statistics. In addition, the number of driving trips, Mileage and time of driving over the last 2 weeks.  The bottom of the dashboard contains latest scored tips, and active challenges.

  • Leaderboard - win bragging rights over your friends and leaderboard competitors.

  • Network - Build your community to help your friends and family members become better and safer drivers? Check who out of your friends are already in our telematics apps. Add them of invite the rest friends, who don't have the app, to install telematics app through your contacts via your phone, sending them an email message or inviting friends through Facebook. 

  • Driving tips - the app shows personalized tips to improve your driving; these tips depend on the factors that are most responsible for lowering your score.

  • Profile - change your username or email; your username can include emojis too. Neighborhood is determined during registration. To update your neighborhood, please email.

  • Settings - settings allows you to put the app into standby mode in case your battery is running low or you want to suspend recording for a predetermined amount of time. You can also choose to show Facebook friends on your leaderboards, get notified when results are available or when new friend requests are received.

  • Help - if you need additional support or want to provide feedback on how to improve Boston's Safest Driver, please contact us.

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