Telematics SDK

Telematics SDK lives in a smartphone app and works as a plug&play solution. Once it is installed, the SDK will automatically connect to smartphone sensors and start listening to them to analyze gathered data in order to detect different types of events, including driving, walking, etc. Once driving has been detected, the telematics SDK automatically starts recording trips data including location and events.


  1. SDK doesn't require any devices in a vehicle.

  2. You do not need to keep the app open. SDK works in a smartphone background.

  3. SDK works fully autonomous and starts tracking all driving events.

  4. The app doesn't require any user's interaction with an app to start or stop tracking.

  5. The average data consumption is ~ 50mb/mo.

Collected information:

> Location and trip waypoints

> Time of driving

> Mileage

> Acceleration

> Braking

> Cornering

> Speeding

> Distracted driving (phone usage)

> Other mobility data

Telematics SDK Extensions

Vehicle data:

Our Telematics SDK provides a unique service for extracting vehicle diagnostic data via Bluetooth OBD device. We have handled the main issue of Bluetooth OBD - manual synchronization. Our SDK automatically connects to OBD and revtrevies data every 5 min while driving.

Collected information:

> Standard data gathered by Telematics SDK

> Vehicle Tag

> Trouble codes

> Fuel consumption

> Odometer mileage

> Other...


A simple device which is placed in a vehicle and either triggers start and stop of tracking for recording on duty trips or sets a Vehicle Tag on a trip gathered by Telematics SDK.

Collected information:

> Standard data gathered by Telematics SDK

> Vehicle Tag

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