OnePlus with OxygenOS Android modification is known for maximizing the stock Android experience. This may be true on the UX front but the exact opposite is valid for background process limits.

When releasing their 1+5 and 1+6 phones, OnePlus introduced one of the most severe background limits on the market to date, dwarfing even those performed by Xiaomi or Huawei. Not only did users need to enable extra settings to make their apps work properly, but those settings even got reset with firmware updates. So apps break again and users are required to re-enable those settings on a regular basis.

Deep optimization

The OnePlus restrictive setting is named Deep Optimization. Steps to turn it off:

  1. Go to your SettingsBattery.

  2. Tap on Battery Optimization.

  3. Tap on the ⋮ 3 dots menu icon and tap on Advanced Optimization.

  4. Toggle Deep Optimization to off.

Battery optimization

  1. Go to your SettingsBattery.

  2. Tap on Battery Optimization.

  3. On the Battery optimization screen, switch to the All apps list from the drop-down to see all of the apps on your device.

  4. Find your app and tap on it

  5. Choose Don’t optimize

Recent apps clearing behaviour

Normally when you swipe an app away, it won’t close. Android handles that well on its own. On OnePlus this may however work in a different way. Recent app clear behaviour manager might be set up in a way that swiping the app to close will kill it:

  1. Go to your SettingsAdvanced.

  2. Tap on Recent app management

  3. Tap on Normal clear

Lock you app in Recent

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